Letter A Song (Animated Music Video)

How to teach the Letter A

The Letter A Song (Animated Music Video) will help students learn the Letter A Sound, Uppercase Letter A and Lowercase Letter a letter recognition, vocabulary words using the letter a sound, and uppercase and lowercase letter A handwriting practice.

This animated Letter A Song is a great way to reinforce the letter A in a memorable way. Students will love singing along as they hear and see the letter a the the sound it makes, as well as vocabulary and handwriting techniques.

The Letter A Song (Animated Music Video) is a helpful resource for any alphabet lesson. It is upbeat, fun, and easy for your students to learn, remember, and follow along. The Letter A Song repeats the letter name and sound multiple times, so students can have fun as they listen and repeat this letter. This video shows the letter as the song says the letter and sound.

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If you are listening to this Letter A Song, your students are probably learning about the alphabet or other phonics skills.

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Teaching the alphabet and letter sounds is such an important skill for young learners. When your students learn the ABC’s to songs, they will be able to effectively recall all the information they learned quickly and easily. Each of our original Alphabet Songs teaches letter recognition, letter sounds, uppercase and lowercase letters, vocabulary words using the letter sounds, and handwriting skills for every letter of the alphabet!

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