Phonics Package

How to teach Phonics

Using this Phonics Package,your students will get the phonics practice they need by using complete set of Have Fun Teaching phonics materials.

Reading is a skill that your students need to master. This package gives your students multiple learning opportunities for every learning style. After implementing these materials in your classroom, you’ll have a room of expert readers.

This Phonics Package is a complete set of all of the Have Fun Teaching songs, videos, games, worksheets, and activities related to phonics and reading.

Other resources to use with this Phonics Package

If you are using this package, your students are probably learning about phonics.

Use this Alphabet Song as an additional resource for your students.

This cohesive package of phonics materials will engage your students to become expert readers. You can use the Phonics Songs and Videos to connect to your auditory learners. The activities engage your kinesthetic and linguistic learners. The posters will support your students who are visual learners. This pack will help every single one of your students to become skilled counters. The best part is you don’t have to search all over for these materials; they are all available on these CDs and DVDs.

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