Long I Matching Puzzle


How to teach Long Vowels

Using this Long I Matching Puzzle, students match together puzzle pieces showing pictures and long I vowel sounds.

There are many ways to make the Long I vowel sound. This puzzle makes your students aware of the six ways to make this sound.

Cut the cards on both pages. Match the pictures to the correct vowel sounds.

Other resources to use with this Long I Matching Puzzle

If you are using this puzzle, your students are probably learning about long vowel sounds.

Use this Long I Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this puzzle by listening to the Have Fun Teaching Letter I Song. Next, students share examples of words that have the Long I sound in them. Then, students complete puzzle independently or with a partner. Once finished, challenge students to write sentences or draw pictures of words from this activity. This activity is perfect for a literacy center or small group lesson.

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