Long Vowel Race Long Vowels Activity

Long Vowel Race Long Vowels Activity


How to teach Long Vowels

Using Long Vowel Race Long Vowels Activity, students play cards that match the long vowel on the spinner with a partner.

Being able read words with long vowel sounds is important skill for your students. These vowels are in many of the words that your students are reading.

When the spinner lands on a letter, a player must discard a picture card that contains that long vowel sound. If the player has that sound in his hand, they advance ahead on the game board to that letter. If a player does not have that letter sound, they stay on their spot. Play continues until one player gets rid of all his/her picture cards. Players can check their answers on the answer sheet provided.


Other resources to use with this Long Vowel Race Long Vowels Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about long vowel sounds.

Use this RF.K.3 Kindergarten Common Core Lesson as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this activity by listening to the Have Fun Teaching  Letter A Song.  Next, have students share words that have Short and Long A Sounds. Then, students complete activity with a partner. Once finished, challenge students to come up with additional words that have long vowels. This activity is perfect for a small group or literacy center.

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