R-Controlled Vowels Word Hunt Worksheet


How to use this R-Controlled Vowels Word Hunt Worksheet

This R-Controlled Vowels word hunt story worksheet is a great lesson in helping your students understand how to sound out irregular vowel sounds. R-Controlled Vowels are vowels that change sound when followed by the letter R.

Your students will learn all about the different r-controlled vowel sounds and how to spot them when reading. A fun way to teach about r-controlled vowels is to call the letter r the Bossy R. The Bossy R tells the vowel to change its’ sound. Similar to the Big Momma E, which is the silent e at the end of a word that tells the vowel to Say It’s Name!

In this r-controlled vowel story, your kids will have fun choosing their favorite colored crayon and circling all of the r-controlled vowels that they can find. When you make it into a fun game, your kids will have fun trying to find the vowel sounds that they may have trouble sounding out. Read the story aloud first, then as you find the words, and after the worksheet is completed, be sure to reread the story and showcase the r-controlled vowel sounds.

When a vowel is followed by the letter r, the vowel sound changes. Sometimes, we call this the Bossy R, because the letter R bosses the vowel to make a new sound.

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Teaching and learning about phonics and letter sounds should be a fun experience for your kids. My favorite thing about this activity is that students can work independently or with a small group to search for and find the r-controlled vowels and after reading the story a few times, they will read fluently and build their confidence.

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