Lucky Charms Before and After Activity

Lucky Charms Before and After Activity: Skill: Larry the Leprechaun is looking for his pot of gold! To help him find it, you must learn and identify the positions before and after as you look through the lucky charms!

Activity 1 - Simon Says: Place the large lucky charms in a row on the floor. Hide a pot of gold underneath one lucky charm. Play “Simon Says” to find the gold! One person becomes the leprechaun and the other is Simon. Simon helps the Leprechaun search for his gold by saying to search before or after a charm. (ex. “Look before the star, look after the rainbow”). The leprechaun follows Simon’s directions until the pot of gold is found!

Activity 2- Lucky Charms Center: Cut out the lucky charms strips, task cards, and magnifying glasses. Practice identifying and finding the positions before and after. Select one lucky charms strip to play with. Students pick a task card and use the magnifying glass to ‘find’ the correct charm. Partners can check each other’s work and take turns finding the lucky charms.

Information: Prepositions Activity, Ordering Activity, Finding the right order, order activity, putting things in order, following directions, before and after


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