About Song (Audio)

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About Song (Audio)


Using the About Song (Audio), students will love learning the sight word ABOUT. This song is a great way to reinforce sight words in a memorable way. You can't help but get this song caught in your head.  First, listen to the song. Then, practice writing ABOUT on using a white board or piece of paper. Continue your practice with the sight word, "about" by going on a scavenger hunt around your classroom or house.

Teacher Directions for About Song (Audio)

About Song is a Sight Word Song that teaches the sight word ABOUT by saying the word, repeating the word, spelling the word, and using the word in sentences. Sight words are the most commonly used English words that a beginning reader must know when learning how to read. You can use this song as part of your morning routine, calendar time, or simply just play during classroom work time. You could even challenge your students to come up with a memorable dance routine! Be sure to check out more Sight Word Activities and Sight Word Songs!