Apples Fact or Fiction Activity


How to teach Fact or Fiction

Using Apples Fact or Fiction Activity, students sort statements of apples into fact or fiction categories.

This activity gives students the opportunity to practice identifying fact or fiction statements as well as learning something new about apples!

Place the “Fact” and “Fiction” baskets in front of you. Read the statement on an apple and decide whether it is a correct apple fact or it is fiction. Place the apple on the matching basket. After reading and sorting each statement, check your answers on the answer key.Complete the worksheet provided by recording apple facts that you have learned.

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If you are using this writing pack, your students are probably learning about apples.

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Introduce this lesson by giving examples of fact and fiction statements that they could relate to about your classroom or school. Then, students will sort apple statements into fact or fiction categories. Once they have finished sorting, students can write four facts that they learned about apples! Perfect for a bulletin board!

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Apples Fact or Fiction Activity:

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