Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Workbook Volume 1 Paperback


How to teach Reading Comprehension

Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Workbook Volume 1 Paperback includes fifty of our premium Fifth Grade level reading comprehension stories, test questions, and progress reports.

All Reading Comprehension Passages are on a Fifth Grade Level with various difficulty levels. Reading Comprehension Tests are the perfect way to check for understanding, build background knowledge, and prepare for standardized testing. These reading comprehension worksheets are the perfect addition to any classroom and are great for homework practice, summer school, and homeschool.

This Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Workbook – Volume 1 includes 50 Reading Comprehension Stories. Each story has 5 Comprehension Questions. Answer Key Included.You no longer have to search through the Have Fun Teaching website or your downloads for the 5th Grade reading comprehension worksheets. They are all included in this paperback workbook!

Other resources to use with this Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Workbook Volume 1 Paperback

If you are using these Reading Comprehension worksheets, your students are building their reading comprehension skills.

Use this Story Map Graphic Organizer as an additional resource for your students.

This Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension – No Prep All In One Mega Bundle is perfect for…

1. Whole Group – Perfect for whole group read-alouds to help practice reading techniques and build comprehension skills with your students. Ask the comprehension questions as a group to help teach the test-taking process.

2. Guided Reading or Small Groups – These stories are perfect for beginning readers, especially with the introduction of all the sight words, repetition, phonics sounds, and short sentences.

3. Independent or Homework – These comprehension stories are perfect for fluent readers, as well as homework practice with family.

Be sure to check out more Reading Comprehension Worksheets.

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Original Stories by Have Fun Teaching Included:

1. 5 Flavors 2. Black Friday Shopping! 3. The Broken Lamp 4. The Bug Collection 5. Charcoal vs. Wood vs. Propane 6. Collecting Coins 7. Costumes and Photographs 8. Crayon Box 9. The Crazy Bus 10. Dance Machine 11. The First President of the United States 12. Follow the Recipe 13. Food Poisoning 14. Fresh Fruit for Christmas 15. Getting Ready for Class 16. The Golden Banana 17. The Gorilla 18. Graduation Ceremony 19. Grandpa’s Birdhouses 20. Grandpa’s Books 21. A Great Adventure 22. I Don’t Want Advice 23. I Want That! 24. I’m so Frustrated and Angry! 25. Jack-O-Lanters 26. The Killer Whale 27. Korean BBQ 28. Korean New Year 29. The Lake Park 30. Licorice and Lollipop 31. The Magic Necklace 32. Musical Instrument 33. Needs and Wants 34. A New Box of Crayons 35. New Grill 36. A New Telescope 37. The Old Castle 38. Peter’s Jobs 39. The Princess Disease 40. Reselling for Profit 41. The Subway 42. Taking Pictures 43. Thanksgiving Leftovers 44. The Tree Swing 45. Unique 46. Visiting Korea 47. What is Kimchi? 48. What’s on Your Pizza? 49. Wild Animal Shelter 50. The Wonkadoodle


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