Fourth Grade Vocabulary Flash Cards

Fourth Grade Vocabulary Flash Cards

How to teach Vocabulary

Using Fourth Grade Vocabulary Flash Cards, students improve their vocabulary skills and usage while playing games with cards that include vocabulary word, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, and sample sentence.

Your students are going to see many words that they don't know in their reading and daily lessons. These flash cards will help your students acquire vocabulary in a fun way.

Students can play different games using these flash cards. Each flashcard includes kid friendly pronunciation guide, synonyms/antonyms, and a sentence.

Other resources to use with this Fourth Grade Vocabulary Flash Cards

If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about vocabulary.

Use this Word Work Activity as an additional resource for your students.

These flash cards can be used in multiple situations. Students could play a memory match with the vocabulary word and definition. You could also do a scavenger hunt where students match definitions to words.  Another idea is an exciting game of Around the World!

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Fourth Grade Flash Cards Word List:

Ache, Adventure, Agree, Angry, Anxious, Appropriate, Around, Author, Automobile, Autumn, Battle, Begin, Beneath, Bridge, Bright, Bunch, Celebration, Center, Choose, City, Climate, Collect, Compare, Complete, Comprehend, Concentrate, Conclusion, Continue, Crowd, Curious, Damage, Dangerous, Dawn, Decorate, Delicious, Demanded, Depart, Difference, Disappointed, Distance, Divide, Drenched, Equal, Exactly, Example, Extremely, Famous, Fantasy, Fastened, Finally, Fortunate, Fraction, Frequently, Frighten, Frigid, Gentle, Grasp, Greedy, Heroic, Honest, Humorous, Hurry, Illustration, Ingredients, Instruct, Intelligent, Interrupt, Main, Necessary, None, Once, Opinion, Overlook, Powerful, Predict, Prepared, Preserve, Probably, Promise, Quickly, Quite, Raise, Request, Rough, Scent, Scrambled, Shiver, Signal, Speech, Squeeze, Strange, Summary, Tiny, Toddler, Together, Warn, Whisper, Wonder, Worry, Wrong.