Fourth Grade Vocabulary Flash Cards

Fourth Grade Flash Cards Word List: Ache, Adventure, Agree, Angry, Anxious, Appropriate, Around, Author, Automobile, Autumn, Battle, Begin, Beneath, Bridge, Bright, Bunch, Celebration, Center, Choose, City, Climate, Collect, Compare, Complete, Comprehend, Concentrate, Conclusion, Continue, Crowd, Curious, Damage, Dangerous, Dawn, Decorate, Delicious, Demanded, Depart, Difference, Dissappointed, Distance, Divide, Drenched, Equal, Exactly, Example, Extremely, Famous, Fantasy, Fastened, Finally, Fortunate, Fraction, Frequently, Frighten, Frigid, Gentle, Grasp, Greedy, Heroic, Honest, Humorous, Hurry, Illustration, Ingredients, Instruct, Intelligent, Interrupt, Main, Neccessary, None, Once, Opinion, Overlook, Powerful, Predict, Prepared, Preserve, Probably, Promise, Quickly, Quite, Raise, Request, Rough, Scent, Scrambled, Shiver, Signal, Speech, Squeeze, Strange, Summary, Tiny, Toddler, Together, Warn, Whisper, Wonder, Worry, Wrong.

Information: Vocabulary Flash Cards. Second Grade. Third Grade. Fourth Grade. Includes vocabulary word, kid-friendly pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, and sample sentence. Words every fourth grader should know.


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