Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Workbook Volume 1 Paperback


How to teach Reading Comprehension

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Workbook Volume 1 Paperback includes fifty of our premium Kindergarten level reading comprehension stories, test questions, and progress reports.

All Reading Comprehension Passages are on a Kindergarten Level with various difficulty levels. Reading Comprehension Tests are the perfect way to check for understanding, build background knowledge, and prepare for standardized testing. These reading comprehension worksheets are the perfect addition to any classroom and are great for homework practice, summer school, and homeschool.

This Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Workbook – Volume 1 includes 50 Reading Comprehension Stories. Each story has 5 Comprehension Questions. Answer Key Included.You no longer have to search through the Have Fun Teaching website or your downloads for the Kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets. They are all included in this paperback workbook!

Other resources to use with this Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Workbook Volume 1 Paperback

If you are using these Reading Comprehension worksheets, your students are building their reading comprehension skills.

Use this Story Map Graphic Organizer as an additional resource for your students.

This Kindergarten Reading Comprehension is perfect for…

1. Whole Group – Perfect for whole group read-alouds to help practice reading techniques and build comprehension skills with your students. Ask the comprehension questions as a group to help teach the test-taking process.

2. Guided Reading or Small Groups – These stories are perfect for beginning readers, especially with the introduction of all the sight words, repetition, phonics sounds, and short sentences.

3. Independent or Homework – These comprehension stories are perfect for fluent readers, as well as homework practice with family.

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Original Stories by Have Fun Teaching Included:

1. My Pet Cat, 2. My Pet Dog, 3. My Pet Fish, 4. My Pet Hamster, 5. My Pet Horse, 6. My Pet Lizard, 7. My Pet Pig, 8. My Pet Rabbit, 9. My Pet Snake, 10. The Weather is Cloudy, 11. The Weather is Cold, 12. The Weather is Dry, 13. The Weather is Foggy, 14. The Weather is Hot, 15. The Weather is Rainy, 16. The Weather is Snowy, 17. The Weather is Stormy, 18. The Weather is Sunny, 19. The Weather is Windy, 20. Things that are Black, 21. Things that are Blue, 22. Things that are Brown, 23. Things that are Green, 24. Things that are Orange, 25. Things that are Purple, 26. Things that are Red, 27. Things that are White, 28. Things that are Yellow, 29. Things that come in 1’s, 30. Things that come in 2’s, 31. Things that come in 3’s, 32. Things that come in 4’s, 33. Things that come in 5’s, 34. Things that come in 6’s, 35. Things that come in 7’s, 36. Things that come in 8’s, 37. Things that come in 9’s, 38. Things that come in 10’s, 39. How Many is That?, 40. What Animal is That?, 41. What Color is That?, 42. What Day is This?, 43. What Flavor is This?, 44. What Food is This?, 45. What Game is This?, 46. What Kind of Weather is That?, 47. What Shape is That?, 48. What Time is This?, 49. Which Way is That?, 50. Who is That?


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