Welcome to Alabama Reading Comprehension Worksheet


How to teach about Alabama

This Welcome to Alabama Reading Comprehension Worksheet will help your students build their reading comprehension skills while reading facts about Alabama.

Your students have been learning a lot of about Alabama and other states. This worksheet supports your students’ learning while building comprehension skills. Your students can also use this reading comprehension as a way to learn more about Alabama.

First, students read the questions. Then, read the passage. As you read, underline or circle key words or phrases in the passage that are key details. After reading, use the passage to help you find the answers to aligned questions. Some of the questions in this Alabama Reading Comprehension Story are: What are two states that border Alabama?, True of False: The Alabama state tree is the Southern Shortleaf Pine., Alabama is the only state with the major natural resources to make what two products? Also, students are asked to name a famous Alabamian from the story, as well as write a short answer for the question, Would you like to visit Alabama?

Other resources to use with this Welcome to Alabama Reading Comprehension Worksheet

As your students are reading, it’s likely they are learning about states.

Check out this Alabama Word Search or Alabama Facts Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this worksheet by having students share what they know about Alabama. Next, students share questions that they have about Alabama. Then, students read passage independently or with a partner to answers to aligned questions. Finally, students share what they learned about Alabama. After reading, have students share answers to the questions and provide supporting using details from the text.

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