Tracking Genres I’ve Read Worksheet


How to teach Genres

Using Tracking Genres I’ve Read Worksheet, students write examples of each kind of book that they have read throughout the year.

There are lots of different types of texts that your students can read. Your class has read lots of different genres this year. This worksheet helps your students to identify different types of books that they have read.

Write a title for each kind of book you read in Kindergarten throughout the year.

Other resources to use with this Tracking Genres I’ve Read Worksheet

If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about Genres.

Use this Don’t Wake the Librarian Sorting Books Activity as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this worksheet by reviewing different types of things that you can read. Next, students share examples of their favorite books. Then, students complete the worksheet independently or with a partner. Finally, have students give book examples of genre types.

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