RL.5.10 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson

RL.5.10 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson

How to teach Reading Comprehension

Using RL.5.10 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson, students read and comprehend literature, including stories and poetry.

Reading Comprehension strategies are important for your students to use when reading all types of literature. This lesson gives your students practice these strategies while reading any text.

This RL.5.10 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson includes RL.5.10 Worksheets, RL.5.10 Activities, RL.5.10 Assessment, and RL.5.10 Poster. Each Common Core Lessons includes Common Core Worksheets, Activities, Assessment, and Poster that you can use for teaching and assessing the standard.


Other resources to use with this RL.5.10 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson

If you are using this lesson, your students are probably learning about reading comprehension.

Use this Reading Response Journal as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this lesson by reviewing different reading strategies that students should use as they read (marking the text, reading questions first, etc). Next, students complete activity independently or with a partner. Then, students share what they have read about.  Finally, students use the graphic organizer as they read independently.

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 The Common Core materials in this lesson teach and assess the specific standard and will help your kids succeed this year. Your students will be able to read and comprehend literature of various genres this year.  Use our RL.5.10 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson to help your students meet this standard.  This quality lesson is all you need.

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