Reading Simple Sentences Activity Board Game


How to teach Reading Accuracy

Using this Reading Simple Sentences Activity Board Game, students practice reading these sentences one word at a time to build reading accuracy and fluency skills.

Your younger readers need a lot of support when they first learn to read. This activity gives them support to make sure that they don’t miss a word while they are reading.

Each player chooses a cat game piece and places it on the start. Shuffle the picture cards and deal them out to each player.The object of the game is to be the first player to match three sentences with their picture. Each player rolls the die. The player with the highest number goes first. Roll the die and move that many spaces on the game board. Play continues until a player has made three matches or a player reaches the end of the game board.

Other resources to use with this Reading Simple Sentences Activity Board Game

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about reading fluency.

Use this Snake Rebus Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this activity by reviewing sight words using Sight Word Flash Cards. Next, students suggest strategies to make sure that they read fluently and accurately. Then, students complete activity independently or with a partner. Finally, challenge students to read more difficult books.

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