Sequence and Organized Worksheet


How to teach Sequencing

Using this Sequence and Organized Worksheet, students describe the four major events while reading.

Keeping events in order is an important reading skill for students. This graphic organizer is a good companion for your students to use as they read to keep events in order.

This graphic organizer provides ample space for students to jot down ideas about the events, problem and solution as they are reading.

Other resources to use with this Sequence and Organized Worksheet

If you are using this graphic organizer, your students are probably working on sequencing events.

Use this Sequencing Graphic Organizer Worksheet as an additional resource to support your students.

Introduce this graphic organizer by using the Picture Sequencing Activity. Next, ask students how sequencing can help them while they read. Then, readers use the graphic organizer as they read to collect important events. Finally, students share out events to check that students have chosen main events. This graphic organizer is great to support students as they are reading independently at home or at school!

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