First Next Then Last Graphic Organizer Worksheet


How to teach Sequencing

Are you teaching sequencing with your students? If your kids are learning about sequencing, be sure to download this resource. This graphic organizer can be a great way to help them to put a series of events in order from first, next, then, and last.

Using thisFirst Next Then Last Graphic Organizer Worksheet, your students will use a text and sequence the events. The students will discuss what event happened first, next, and then. Finally, your students will look discuss the event that happened last.

Teaching sequencing is an important skill when learning Reading, Science, and Social Studies. This skill can help your students to understand the order of steps in a science experiment. Sequencing can also allow your students the opportunity to comprehend the order of events that lead to a memorable historical event.

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If you are teaching sequencing, be sure to use our Sequencing Worksheets and Sequencing Activities. Teaching sequencing can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!

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