Questions Details and Setting Graphic Organizer Worksheet


How to teach Story Elements

Are you teaching story elements with your students? If your kids are learning about story elements, this resource can be a great way to help them explore questions, details, and settings within a given text .

Using thisQuestions Details and Setting Graphic Organizer Worksheet, your students will read a text and think about any questions they would like answered about the text. Next, they will write down details they learned from the text. Finally, they will write down where and when the details in the story take place.

Teaching story elements is an important skill when learning Reading. Asking logical questions about the text, knowing when and where the story takes place, and important details within the text can truly help your students comprehend what they are reading.

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If you are teaching story elements, be sure to use our Story Elements Worksheets, Story Elements Activities, and our Story Elements Songs. Teaching story elements can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!

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