Second Grade Coronavirus Relief Pack


Second Grade Coronavirus Relief Pack

This relief pack was given away for free for 3 months following the Coronavirus Pandemic. Have Fun Teaching incurred over $13,000 in Amazon hosting fees as a result of giving away these relief packs for free. Unfortunately, we can not continue to offer these resources for free. However, these resources will become free, as well as thousands of other resources on our website, when you purchase a monthly or yearly membership. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you as a member!

IMPORTANT: Please download this file on desktop or laptop computer. The file is .zip and will not download and save to a mobile device.

With schools, daycares, and businesses being closed all over the world, we understand that it may be difficult to find teaching resources. If you are in a situation where the Coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted you and your kids, you may need to implement distance learning and off-site classes.

We hope that the resources in this second grade relief pack will bless you at a time when adults and children may be worried, confused, or scared.

This second grade relief pack includes worksheets, activities, songs, and videos for English, Math, Phonics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing.

Other resources to use with this Second Grade Coronavirus Relief Pack

Other resources to use with this Second Grade Coronavirus Relief Pack

If you are using this second grade relief pack, your students are probably learning off-site and need more resources to stay engaged.

Also, use our search filter to sort resources by Grade, Subject, Skill, and Type to find exactly what you need.

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