Animal Habitats Worksheet

Animal Habitats Worksheet

How to teach Animal Habitats

Using this Animal Habitats Worksheet, students draw and write about habitats where different animals live.

Habitats are where animals live. Knowing where an animal lives supports students understanding of animal adaptions, life cycles, and diets.

Students choose two different living environments. Then, they draw a picture of each habitat. Once they have drawn the environment, students then write a description explaining about the types of animals that would live there.


Other resources to use with this Animal Habitats Worksheet

If you are using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about Animal Habitats

Use this companion worksheet Animal Habitats Worksheet as an additional resource for your students to practice drawing habitats.

Introduce this lesson by writing an example of a habitat on the board. Next, ask students to share ideas about words that describe that specific habitat. Then, students draw and describe an animal's habitat. They should identify the habitat that they drew. Finally, challenge your students to label their picture with habitat descriptions.

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