Christmas BINGO

Christmas BINGO

How to teach Letter Recognition Skills

This Christmas BINGO is a fun game that you can play during the December when students gets restless as they wait for Winter Break!

In the days before Christmas break, you always are looking for fun and engaging activities to keep your students excited about school!

In this download, you will receive a class set of BINGO cards. Simply, print and distribute BINGO cards to students for immediate use. Students can play BINGO with a partner, small group, or whole class. Have students cover up the pictures they hear as you say them aloud.

Other resources to use with this Christmas BINGO

If you are using Christmas BINGO, your students are probably learning about Christmas.

Use this Christmas Word Search as an additional resource to entertain your students.

Distribute BINGO cards to students. Read from the Teacher BINGO cards. Students look for pictures and cover up the Christmas images. First one to 4 in a row has BINGO!

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