Classifying Matter Worksheet


How to teach Classifying Matter

Are you teaching classifying matter with your students? If your kids are learning how to classify matter, it can such a fun opportunity to help them explore this concept and give them an opportunity to research different classifications of matter.

Here is a Classifying Matter Worksheet that will help your kids learn the different classifications of matter and give them a graphic organizer to sort out and classify different types of matter.

Matter can be classified into two categories: Mixture or Pure Substance. Mixtures can be either Homogeneous or Heterogeneous. Pure Substances can be either an Element or a Compound. Fill in the chart below to classify matter.

Other resources to use with this Classifying Matter Worksheet

If you are teaching classifying matter, or states of matter, be sure to use our Matter Song as well as our high quality Matter Worksheets and Matter Activities. Teaching matter can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!

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