Classifying Worksheet – Nouns, Verbs, or Adjectives

Classifying Worksheet – Nouns, Verbs, or Adjectives

How to teach Classification

Using this Classifying Worksheet - Nouns, Verbs, or Adjectives, students sort objects into three categories based on what part of speech it is.

Being able to classify objects helps students to find groupings within objects. It helps their brain organize objects.

Students look at the words. Next, ask yourself "Where does this belong?". Then, think about which category the object would fit best in. Finally, write the words into the proper categories.

Other resources to use with this Classifying Worksheet - Nouns, Verbs, or Adjectives

If you're using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about Parts of Speech.

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Introduce this worksheet by creating a bubble map with the word Parts of Speech in the center and nouns, verbs, and adjective coming out from the center. Ask students to share out ideas and examples of different types of words that match each part of speech.  Then, students complete worksheet independently or with a partner. Finally, have students explain why they sorted the terms in that specific way.  Once students are finished, challenge students to add more objects to each category.

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