Farm Animals Activity


How to teach Farm Animals

UsingFarm Animals Activity, students play Headbandz with a partner to guess the farm animals on their headband.

This activity is a perfect addition to your farm studies. Your students will love learning about farm animals!

Players take turns selecting and guessing the farm animals on their headband. Play continues until there are no more animal cards. At the end of game play, use the animal cards and sorting mat to sort pictures of animals that are found on a farm and those that aren’t.

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Play Head Bandz to guess farm animals based on clues given by the other players. To create the headbands use a sentence strip or the Head Bandz paper strips provided. Cut out the strips and attach to each other to get the desired length. Laminate for stability. Each player puts on a headband. Without looking, select an animal card and place it on the headband facing the other players. Pictures can be attached by using tape or Velcro.

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