Fitness Songs (Audio Collection)

Fitness Songs (Audio Collection)


How to teach Fitness

This Fitness Songs (Audio Collection) provides you and your students with seven fitness songs to get your class moving and fit in a fun and musical way!

The Fitness Songs Download by Have Fun Teaching includes fun and educational fitness songs that will get your kids up and moving! Perfect for classroom transitions, brain breaks, rainy days, and gym class.

 This download includes 7 educational fitness songs for teaching and learning exercise moves such as Stretching, Hopping and Skipping, Walking, Jumping Jacks, Running, Sit Ups, and Push Ups. Your kids will have so much fun exercising along with these fun fitness songs for kids.

Other resources to use with this Fitness Songs (Audio Collection)

If your students are using these songs, you are probably looking for lots of different resources to engage all types of learners.

Be sure to check out this Health and Fitness Reading Comprehension Workbook as an additional resource for your students.

Use this Fitness Songs to help build your students physical fitness. You can use these as an introduction to a lesson or to warm up for gym class. Your students will love moving along with Abby. Have your students choose the activity to do or you can!

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