Fruits and Vegetables Activity


How to teach Fruits and Vegetables

UsingFruits and Vegetables Activity, studentsplay the Stone Soup game to practice identifying and classifying fruits and vegetables.

Knowing the difference between fruits and vegetables will ensure that your students have a balanced diet. This activity will help them know different fruits and vegetables.

Players take turns spinning the spinner, and discarding a card that is related to the ingredients of the soup. The player to get rid of all of his/her cards first is the winner! Then, Use the fruit and vegetable sorting mat at the end to classify cards into groups.

Other resources to use with this Fruits and Vegetables Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about fruits and vegetables.

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Introduce this activity by creating a T-Chart with the categories fruits and vegetables. Next, students share examples to add to the two categories. Then, students complete activity independently or with a partner. Finally, students continue their practice using the worksheet provided. Once finished, students can add new fruits and vegetables to the t-chart.

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