Hot and Cold Activity

Hot and Cold Activity: Play the Hot and Cold Camping Board Game to distinguish between things that are hot or cold. Assemble the gameboard by taping the two gameboard pages together. Grab a partner and deal 5 marshmallow picture cards to each player. Place the marshmallows on your personal ‘roasting’ stick. The oldest player rolls a die first and moves that many spaces. If players land on a square with a red circle, they must discard a picture of an object that is hot into the large fire on the game board. If players land on a square with a blue circle, they must discard a picture of an object that is cold. If a player does not have a correct picture to get rid of, their turn is skipped. The first player to discard and “toast” all of their marshmallows in the fire is the winner.

Players can sort pictures on the Hot and Cold sorting mat and complete a worksheet

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