Magnets Lesson Plan

Magnets Lesson Plan

How to teach Magnets

Are you teaching magnets with your students? If your kids are learning about magnets, this Magnets Lesson Plan can be a great way to help them to explore whether an object is magnetic or nonmagnetic.

Materials available in this Magnets Lesson Plan include two Magnet Activities and four Magnet Worksheets. Our Magnet Lesson Plan provides you with a whole group lesson, small group lesson, and individual lesson, taking into consideration the importance of differentiation. We also provide you with assessments and ideas of what book to read with your lesson.

Teaching about Magnets is an important skill when learning Science. Help your students understand how to predict and test if an object is magnetic or nonmagnetic.


Other resources to use with this Magnets Lesson Plan

If you are teaching about magnets, be sure to use our Magnet Resources. Teaching the magnets can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!


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