Matching Animal Habitats Worksheet

Matching Animal Habitats Worksheet

How to teach Animal Habitats

Using this Matching Animal Habitats Worksheet, student draw lines to match five animals pictures to their best living environment.

Habitats are where animals live. These habitats give a lot of information how an animal lives and survives.

Students use the colorful pictures to match five animals to their habitats. Once students finish matching, they should explain why they chose each habitat for the animal to live in.

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If you are using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about animal habitats.

Use this companion Matching Animal Habitats Worksheet as an additional resource to support Animal Habitats.

Introduce this worksheet by showing a picture of a habitat. Ask students to give ideas of types of animals that would like in this environment. Push your students to explain why. Then, students work independently or with a partner to match animals to their living environments. After they have finished working, challenge students to write an explanation about why that animal lives in that home.

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