Natural Man-Made Sort Worksheet

Natural Man-Made Sort Worksheet

How to teach Natural and Man-Made

Using Natural Man-Made Sort Worksheet, students color products blue or green in order to sort them into natural product or man-made categories.

 Our students use natural and man-made resources every day. It's important to know how to treat each of these products to ensure proper use and disposal.

Read the words below. Think about what each object is and whether it is a natural product or man-made. Next, color the ovals with natural objects green. Then, color the ovals with man-made objects blue.


Other resources to use with this Natural Man-Made Sort Worksheet

If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about resources.

Use this Go Green Recycle Activity as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this worksheet by conducting a discussion about what are different examples of natural and man-made resources. Next,record the resources your students share. Then, students complete worksheet independently or with a partner. Finally, have students add more materials to their original list.

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