Rainforest Desk Name Tags

Rainforest Desk Name Tags

How to Use Desk Name Tags

These Rainforest Desk Name Tags are a perfect way for your students to identify their desks and practice spelling their name with a rainforest theme.

Your students will love these rainforest name tags when they decorate their desks. The cute rainforest graphics will promote your learning about insects.

Simply print, write your student's name, and attach to your student's desk with packing tape! Your students will use this as a resource to help them spell them their name.


Other resources to use with this Rainforest Desk Name Tags

If you are using these name tags, your students are probably learning about rainforest.

Use this Survivor Activity Rainforest Edition as an additional resource for your students.

These desk names are a simple way to decorate your students' desk. Your students can use this as a resource to help them identify their desks or help spell their name. All you have to do is print, write, and attach the name tag to desks.

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