Survivor Ocean Edition Activity

Survivor Ocean Edition Activity


How to teach Animal Habitats

Using this Survivor Ocean Edition Activity, students play the survivor board game to test your knowledge of animals and their habitats.

This activity helps students make connections between the animals and their habitats. They are able to determine qualities that each animal must have to be successful in that habitat.

Move your game piece along the track as you answer questions correctly. If you get your answer right, you get to move another space. The first player to make it to the middle wins!


Other resources to use with this Survivor Ocean Edition Activity

If you are using this activity, you are most likely learning about Animal Habitats.

Check out this companion Animal Activity Sort for additional practice sorting animals into different habitats.

Introduce this activity by reviewing Ocean Animals. Next, ask students to share what they know about the Ocean habitat. Then, distribute the activity to students to sort animals individually or with a partner. Finally, students share new facts that they learned about animal habitats. Once finished, students to draw a picture of a habitat and the animals that live there.

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