Things That Grow Activity

Things That Grow Activity


How to teach Living and Non-Living Things

Using Things That Grow Activity, students play UNO to practice classifying things that grow into four categories.

Determining what is living and nonliving is the beginning foundation of science curriculum. Using this activity, students will gain a better understanding of what makes something living.

Deal the picture and category cards out to all players. Next, players must either put down a card that belongs to the same category or change the category by placing down a colored category card.  The first player to get rid of all of their cards, wins!


Other resources to use with this Things That Grow Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about living and non-living things.

Use this Living and Non-Living Sort Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this activity by having a discussion about what makes an object living or non-living. Next, students share examples of objects that are living and non-living.  Then, students complete activity with a partner. Finally, students to come up with more living and non-living things that they could add to a list.

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