Bill of Rights Worksheet


How to teach Bill of Rights

Using this Bill of Rights Worksheet, students research the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights to learn the rights of every United States citizen.

Research is an important skill for all students to be able to do. Using this worksheet, your students will build their research skills as well their knowledge about bill of rights.

Students research the ten amendments that are found in the bill of rights. During their research, students will learn about the freedoms that they have as a citizen of the United States. After completing this research, your students have endless opportunities to present their newly learned material.

Other resources to use with this Bill of Rights Worksheet

If you’re using this Bill of Rights worksheet, your students a probably learning about the American government and rights of citizens.

Use Our Freedoms Worksheet as an additional resource to support your students.

Introduce this worksheet by beginning a discussion about a person’s rights. Create an anchor chart with a T-chart with Rights and Responsibilities as the titles. Explain that rights are things that they are entitled to or deserve. With their help, fill in the t-chart with examples of rights that they have as students (free education, fair treatment, etc). Then, have students research the Amendments in the Bill of Rights individually or with a partner. You could also have your students choose to research for all of the amendments or jigsaw the research so each student chooses one specific amendment.

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