Calling 911 Worksheet

How to teach Safety

Using Calling 911 Worksheet, students are learning what makes or doesn’t make a situation an appropriate time to call 911.

Knowing when to call 911 is an important skill for students to learn. This worksheet gives them examples of scenarios of when to call.

First, read each scenario. Next, put a check mark next to the scenarios that would require you to call 911. Once you have finished finding the appropriate scenarios, write a sentence summarizing times that you should call 911. A good sentence starter would be: “I should call 911 when…”

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To introduce this worksheet, ask students what it means to call 911 and when they think they should call it. Then, read over the scenarios provided. Students check off the scenarios that they believe 911 should be called. After students complete the worksheet, review the scenarios that they chose and explain why it was important to call then.

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