Fun Friday Minutes Behavior Plan


How to Implement Fun Friday

Using Fun Friday Minutes Behavior Plan, teachers can record the amount of Fun Friday minutes each student in their class has earned.

Fun Friday is a great motivator for your students to stay on track with their work and behavior during the week.

This worksheet will help you keep track of the minutes each student has for Fun Friday.

Other resources to use with this Fun Friday Minutes Behavior Plan

If you are using this activity, your students are participating in Fun Friday!

Use this Fun Friday Minutes Behavior Plan as an additional resource for your students.

Fun Friday should consist of 5-7 different learning stations around the room where students can explore several different academic centers. Use this recording sheet as a way to keep track of the minutes that each of your students will have on Friday. Students who lose Fun Friday Minutes during the week, must spend that amount of time doing worksheets or reading while everyone else if having Fun Friday.

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