Give Me Five Poster

Give Me Five Poster

How to teach Following Directions

Using Give Me Five Poster, students can know what to do when they hear their teacher say "Give me Five" and follow directions.

Clear expectations for your classroom will ensure that your students are respecting you and each other. This poster will help make sure that your students are listening and following directions.

Hang this poster up in your classroom. When you need the students' attention, raise your hand up and calmly say, "Give me five, please." All the students should raise their hand and follow the 5 procedures.

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This poster is a great addition to your classroom management and expectations. Teach your students that when you say "Give me Five" that they stop what they are doing and follow the 5 procedures.  When first introducing this strategy, give a lot of praise and clear feedback to make sure that this strategy can be used all year long.

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