Show Me the Money Recognition Activity

Show Me the Money Recognition Activity


How to teach Money

Using Show Me the Money Recognition Activity, students play BINGO to practice recognizing United States coins and bills.

Being able to recognize coins and bills will help your students as they correctly pay for things that they want at a store. This activity gives students an opportunity to practice identifying money while playing BINGO.

 BINGO cards include both front and back of coins as well as bills. Select a player to be the BINGO caller. He/she will draw cards to read and/or show to players. The caller may select what round they would like to play. Options may be: straight line, “T”, “X”, 4 Corners or Full Board. When a player has successfully won a round of BINGO by correctly recognizing money amounts, he or she becomes the new BINGO caller.


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If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about money.

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 Introduce the activity by reviewing coins using the Money Flash Cards.   Next, students practice counting by ones out loud. Then, students complete activity independently or with a partner.  Finally, students create money amounts using the plastic or real coins.

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