Blank Door Hanger


How to use Templates

Using this Blank Door Hanger, students can decorate their own door hanger for their bedroom or classroom door.

This template will quickly give your students a blank door hanger that they can use right away.

Students can decorate this door hanger using their own creativity! This is perfect for a quick craft on for a holiday celebration.

Other resources to use with this Blank Door Hanger

If you are using this template, you are probably looking for a quick way to get material in your students’ hands for immediate use.

Use this Apple Shape Book Activity as an additional resource for your students to show case their creativity.

Use this Blank Door Hanger on for special holiday celebration or to match your lesson for the day. Your students could decorate the door hanger to describe what their bedroom or dream bedroom looks like. You could write academic or behavior celebrations for your students to show off at home! Who wouldn’t like to show that they earned a 100% on a spelling test or was a leader all day!?

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