Rules of Design for Art Worksheet


How to use this Rules of Design for Art Worksheet

This Rules of Design for Art Worksheet is a great lesson in helping your students understand the rules of design and principles for creating works of art.

Your students will learn all about the different art design rules, including Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, and Unity.

In each of the different design rules, students will be asked to draw a picture using that rule. For example, for the Balance Rule, they will need to draw a picture where both sides are symmetrical. For the Movement Rule, they will need to draw a picture that moves your eyes from one spot to another.

These mini art design rule lessons will help your students grasp what each technique means and will get them ready for more complex art and design for drawing or painting.

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Teaching and learning about Art and Art Design should be a fun experience for your students. My favorite thing about this worksheet is that it teaches 7 different art design techniques and the students can practice each one. If you want to extend this activity for more advanced artists, simply attach 7 blank pieces of paper to this worksheet and have them use full blank pages for their artwork. Either way, your kids will love this activity!

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