Vowel Sounds Reading Comprehension Workbook Paperback


How to teach Reading Comprehension

Using this Vowel Sounds Reading Comprehension Workbook Paperback, you can have all of the passages about different vowel sounds all in one place.

This workbook includes 1 story for each long and short vowel, plus other common vowel sounds, like dipthongs and tripthongs. Each story contains sound-specific words to practice letters, phonics, and reading comprehension. Stories vary in difficulty and are perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade.

Have Fun Teaching is very proud to release the Vowel SoundsReading Comprehension Workbook! This collection includes 21Reading Comprehension Stories that showcase the phonics sounds of thevowels!

Other resources to use with this Vowel Sounds Reading Comprehension Workbook Paperback

If you are reading these reading passages, your students will learn a lot about character traits.

Use this Short Vowel Sounds Activity as an additional resource for your students.

These worksheets is a great opportunity to introduce your students to reading passages to answer questions as well as build phonics skills one sound at a time! Introduce these reading passages by listening to the Baby Shark Alphabet Sounds Song. Use this worksheet with your guided reading groups to build reading fluency. Have students practice reading individually or with a partner. Once students have finished reading, they can answer the multiple choice questions. Challenge your students to go back into the text to find answers by underlining the sentences that help them out!

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  1. “A” Like Kate
  2. “A” Like Hat
  3. “A” Like Tall
  4. “E” Like Leaf
  5. “E” Like Bench
  6. “I” Like Ice
  7. “I” Like Hit
  8. “O” Like Orange
  9. “O” Like Hot
  10. “O” Like Offer
  11. “O” Like Money
  12. “U” Like Unicorn
  13. “U” Like Hut
  14. “Y” Like Candy
  15. “Y” Like Fly
  16. “OO” Like Cool
  17. “OO” Like Book


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