Autobiography Worksheet

Autobiography Worksheet

How to teach Autobiographies

Using this Autobiography Worksheet, students will use sentence starters as inspiration as they begin to write their own autobiography.

Knowing where to start when writing your own autobiography is often challenging for students. This worksheet provides your students with sentence starters to start them off on the right path when writing their autobiography.

This worksheet gives your students a starting point for writing their autobiography. Your students could use this at the beginning of the school year to introduce themselves to their new classmates.

Other resources to use with this Autobiography Worksheet

If your students are using this worksheet, your students might be learning about autobiographies.

Use this About Me Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

This Autobiography Worksheet is a great resource for your students to share about themselves. Have students use the sentence starters to begin to write their autobiography. They can then write a rough draft. Finally, students should choose Writing Paper that best fits their interests to write their final drafts! Post in  your classroom for your students to learn about each other.

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