Birds Worksheet


How to teach Birds

Using this Birds Worksheet, students research four different types of birds to learn more about each specific category of birds.

Being able to research is an important skill for all students to be able to do. Using this worksheet, your students will build their research skills as well their knowledge about birds.

Students research the four categories of birds – water, large, rain forest, and farm. During their research, students will learn about a specific bird’s common name, scientific name, environment and other interesting facts.

Other resources to use with this Birds Worksheet

If you’re using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about Birds.

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This worksheet can be used as a starting point in your unit about birds. Use this worksheet to introduce your students to new types of birds. Your students can work individually or with a partner to research specific birds. You could also have your students choose to research for different types of birds or jigsaw the research so each student chooses one specific bird.

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