House Shape Book Activity


How to use Shape Books

Using this House Shape Book Activity, your students can create quick and simple books about stories about their houses or homes.

Publishing your students’ work doesn’t have to be a difficult process. By using these shape books, you can create simple books with about houses or homes. Your students will be more invested in their writing when they see their work in a book!

In this product, you will get a blank and lined house page template. All you need to do is print the desired number of pages for your students. Bind easily with staples.

Other resources to use with this Houses Shape Book Activity

If you are using this shape book, your students are probably writing about houses or homes.

Use this Home Flash Cards as an additional resource to support your students..

Your students have been working hard to write about what they know about houses or homes. You could use this when writing non-fiction descriptions about animal habitats or stories about their own house. Show case their writing using these house shape books templates. You could have each of your students create one book or create a class book with a compilation of all of your students’ writing.

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