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Rhyming Words Matching Activity

Using Rhyming Words Matching Activity, students match two pictures that rhyme to build their rhyming skills.

Apple CVC Mat Activity

Using this Apple CVC Mat Activity, students build CVC words using colorful apple tiles to use during your apple themed week! 

First Grade Sight Words Bingo

Using this First Grade Sight Words Bingo, students play bingo with sight words at the first grade level!

Back to School Rhyming Activity

Using this Back to School Rhyming Activity, students practice rhyming skills using this back to school themed activity.

Falling Leaves Sight Words Activity

Using Falling Leaves Sight Words Activity, students practice reading high frequency words related to fall. 

Word Recognition Activity

Using Word Recognition Activity, students travel through the movie theater game board and practice reading sight words.

Supermarket Sweep Food Words Activity

Using Supermarket Sweep Food Words Activity, students practice reading high frequency words to collect all of the food items on your shopping list.

Roll A Turkey Thanksgiving Activity

Using this Roll A Turkey Thanksgiving Activity, students match that number or side to the body part of your turkey using this template.

Apple Multiple Skills Activity

Using this Apple Multiple Skills Activity, students practice their reading skills using high frequency words, sequencing and reading fluency with apple themed sentences. 

Monster Munch-O Sight Word BINGO

Using this Monster Munch-O Sight Word BINGO, students play BINGO to increase their sight word fluency.

Fall CVC Mat Activity

Using this Fall CVC Mat Activity, students place letter tiles on the picture cards to create CVC words.

Let's Read Emergent Readers Activity

Using Let's Read Emergent Readers Activity, students read the emergent reader with purpose and understanding to improve fluency and accuracy.