4 Tips for Being a Happy Teacher

Teachers get busy, and sometimes stressed out. Take some time for yourself,  your kids will thank you for it!

Teaching isn’t the easiest job out there. While it is extremely rewarding, there are some stressful moments. It is important that teachers are happy to do their jobs effectively. When a teacher shows signs of stress in their classrooms, students pick up on that. This stresses the students out and makes it difficult for them to take their classes seriously for that day. So how do you maintain that stress and stay happy?

Here at Have Fun Teaching, we love when our teachers are happy, happy, happy, and want to provide some tips for making that possible.

#1 Utilize Have Fun Teaching as a Resource to Keep you Happy!

One of the toughest parts of your job is spending a lot of time and energy into putting together lesson plans. You have to search for the right worksheets, activities, and assessments to teach the standards provided to you. Why stress about all of that when we’ve done all the work for you? Take some of the weight off of your shoulders and use the resources you and your students love. We also have No-Prep Reading Comprehension and Curriculum bundles to make your job easier! Sign up for a Have Fun Teaching Membership for Members-Only high-quality resources as well.


#2 Take Time for Yourself

While this one may sound funny, it’s one you should cling to! Sometimes, you just need ten to fifteen minutes to clear your mind. If you have that time during the day, maybe while your students are at lunch or in Specials, take a few minutes to relax and think about something that you enjoy. Just put on some white noise, close your eyes, and relax. Clearing your mind can help you get things done faster and can relieve tension. You can even do this one with your students! Gather them all on the rug and have a little time of quiet time!

#3 Find a Calming Activity that Keeps You Happy

It’s important to find something you love to do and make time for it. Whether it be at home before bed or sometime during the school day, finding something you enjoy to do can calm your nerves in the classroom. Take some time out of your day to color a few pages in a coloring book. If you like to craft, make time for it and make some things for your home. Read a book, scriptire, exersize or even a 30 second dance party to keep yourself relaxed and happy. While your job is important, it shouldn’t consume every second of your day. Make sure to make some time for you.

#4 Take Advantage of Vacations and Holidays

We all know a teacher’s job is never done. You go home for Christmas break and still have to lug your lesson plans and notebooks around. While everyone thinks you get a whole summer off, you spend the majority of the break planning your schedule for the year and preparing for a new set of children. While you go on a beach vacation to relax, you still find it difficult to do so because you’re thinking about how you’re going to help little Johnny catch up to his peers in Reading. When you go on these vacations, make time to relax and have your focus on you and your family. Your students are important and you do a phenomenal job, but it’s impossible to do a job well without a well rested soul.

We love our teachers so much and think you are all doing a wonderful job! Remember how important YOU are and make time for yourself! Relax for at least a few minutes each day so that you can Have Fun Teaching!


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