There are many attitudes about the subject of Math. Some students (of any age) seem to understand math extremely well. Others despise the subject because they do not understand. Because it is such a complex subject, there is a lot of information to process. At a young age, the formulas and equations that seem so simple to us can be difficult and cause a lot of frustration to children. How do we, as teachers, make a subject that so many find difficult to understand so fun to learn?

Math Can Be Fun!

Use Our Math Resources!

Worksheets: While worksheets shouldn’t be your only form of teaching, they can be a big help from time to time. Fun and colorful worksheets that challenge your students can also be fun. We have hundreds of worksheets to help you teach math and make it fun!

Interactive Activities: When teaching this subject, it can be fun and helpful to find interactive activities. Activities allow students to manipulate different things and see the equations put into action. This is great for kinesthetic and visual learners!

Flash Cards:  After you have spent time teaching a concept of math, using flash cards are a great and fun way to assess their learning!

Music! Music is a great tool for teaching any subject. Once a child listens to a song a couple of times, the tune seems to get stuck in their head. When they are struggling to remember something such as how many sides an octagon has or what comes after 12, singing the song can help them to remember!

Common Core Workbooks: These workbooks can make teaching all of the common core standards easier with less prep! Hit all standards while having fun and challenging your students!

Use Literacy Strategies to Teach Math

Nearly every worksheet and activity comes with a set of reading instructions. If your students are struggling to comprehend words within the instructions, they will be unable to complete the problem. It is important to establish reading comprehension even in subjects such as math. Teach math vocabulary to your students. Make connections of math-to-math, math-to-world, and math-to-self. Any chance you can take to establish the knowledge of what they are doing and why will help your students to enjoy the subject that much more.


Math can be a tricky subject to teach. If you’re having fun teaching it, they can have fun learning it. We hope these resources help your students enjoy this subject and understand the importance of it! Make math fun, and Have Fun Teaching!