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High Quality Worksheets

Our high quality and engaging worksheets are perfect for any classroom.

Each worksheet is created with love and attention and gives teachers a great way to check for understanding, practice skills, and send materials home. When used in moderation, our free worksheets can be used as a great supplement to any lesson plan, and can be a powerful tool to help your students succeed.


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Fun Activities & Games

Fun and engaging activity centers and games for small groups.

These ready-made and hands-on small group learning centers are ready to print and use in the classroom. Some activity centers may require some cutting, and maybe even a little glue, but with some lamination, these activities will create an exciting learning environment for many years!


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Quickly organize and save resources into folders.

We’re confident you’ll find a ton of great resources on our site. So many in fact that it might get a little tricky keeping em’ all organized.

Enter folders! Create unlimited folders and save as many resources to each folder as you like. Add a folder for every subject or specific holidays. It doesn’t matter how you stay organized. What’s important is, we make easy.

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Group and download, or print, all at once.

This is probably one of the greatest time saving features on our site. Quickly add multiple resources to a folder, and then choose “download” and the resources will be bundled together in a single download file.

If you choose “print” then all of the resources are bundled and sent to your printers queue. Just make sure your printer is loaded with ink and paper because this puppy is off to the races!

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Found something great? Set a reminder and download later.

Picture this. You find a resource that you want to use on a specific day. Maybe it’s a holiday resource, but you don’t want to download it yet because you’re too busy preparing for something else.

You can set a reminder that’s linked to the resource you found. Then, on the day you selected, you’ll receive an email with a download link to that resource. This way, you always have the resources you need, when you need them.

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All your HFT messages in one location.

Yes we’re going to send you announcements via email, and yes you might not read them because you’re too busy. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings.

We don’t want you to miss anything important, like special discounts and teacher tips, which is why all the messages are stored for safe keeping in your inbox. This way you can grab your morning beverage and catch up on all the great stuff we send you.

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Stream songs & videos for free anywhere, anytime.

What’s the one thing that’s sure to make learning fun? Music and Videos! Our unique videos have millions of views because we’re passionate about creating fun and engaging experiences for your students, and it shows.

We want you to share our songs and videos with your class, which is why we make streaming easy.

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Download teaching resources with a free account.

Printing your favorite resources is essential, but sometimes you need to download files to place into a powerpoint presentation, or show them on your whiteboard. In addition, you may want to purchase downloadable songs and videos to use on the go! We’ve got you covered. Simply download the resources you need and feel free to place inside of any presentation, or use them in your class.

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It’s fun to get more, so that’s exactly what we give you.

15,000+ Resources & Growing

We’ve been creating resources for teachers since 2005, and we get better and better each year. Now you have access to our entire archive, plus everything new. Browse the entire library »

Lots of Filters For Searching

If you’re like us, you like to find things fast. This is why we give you search filters for grade level, subject, skill, and resource type

Special Discount Announcements

Sometimes we’ll have flash sales on our premium resources. When you have an account, you’ll get notified of all our sales right in your account Inbox.

Find The Right Resources

We hate searching, but we love finding, so we’ve redesigned our search tools from the ground up so you find the right teaching resources when you need them.

Save Time, Have Fun

You’re a teacher and you have a lot to manage. We built the site with time saving features so you can focus on creating a fun learning environment for your students.

Phone & Email Support

Despite how great our search tools are, and how many tutorials we create, sometimes you just want to talk to a live person. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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