Alphabet Songs (Classic Video Collection)


How to teach Letter Names and Sounds

The Alphabet Songs Pack - Animated will help support your visual learners gain a better understanding of letter names and sounds by listening to this full alphabet song.

This animated song is a great way to reinforce the alphabet letter names and sounds in a memorable way. Students will love singing along as they hear letter names and sounds.

The Alphabet Videos Download includes 26 Alphabet Letter Videos plus the Alphabet Song Video from the Alphabet Songs DVD. You will also receive printable Song Lyric Sheets for all 27 Alphabet Songs! Each alphabet video teaches letter sounds, consonants, vowels, vocabulary words using each letter, and uppercase and lowercase alphabet letter handwriting skills. With these videos, you will be able to watch them on your computer or project them onto a whiteboard or Smartboard from your computer!

Other resources to use with this Alphabet Songs Pack - Audio

If you are listening to this song, your students are probably learning about the alphabet.

Check out the Alphabet Stories as an additional resource to support your students understanding of the alphabet.

There are many students that struggle to learn letter sounds and names through conventional measures. This song will help them match the sounds that they are hearing to the colorful pictures in the video. Show students this video when introducing a guided reading lesson or during your phonics time of day.

Be sure to check out the individual Alphabet Songs!

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  • Brandi

I absolutely love the Have Fun Teaching products. They keep my classroom fun and exciting! The kids love them and learn the songs quick!

  • Joan

I love this video and my KG students love it too. I use the version that is in YouTube. I give it 5 stars!! They learned their letters and sounds with this song.

  • Rebecca

I love these videos! My students and I watch them everyday! Thanks so much for the free download! My students and I will enjoy these!

  • Sarah

5 Can't wait to use them in my Kindergarten class next year.

  • Stephanie

My Pre-kers just LOVE the the song and videos. They get the kids excited about learning the letters.

  • cicely

Wonderful and fun for the kids! Use videos from here daily!

  • Courtney

Wonderful products

  • petra.lepe

We absolutely love these videos!! My 2yr old on his 2nd bday surprised us all by showing us he can recognize all his letters and knows some of their sounds!! These videos sure do have a lot to do with that!! Love the different approach by using rap.

  • danglan1909

This website is really useful and interesting. All my students enjoy so much! Thanks all you guys!

  • anamrnv

Love this product! Used in from youtube. Glad, that I can download it now and have the full collection on my computer!