I Know My ABCs (Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Parody) Song


How to teach Alphabet

The "I Know My ABCs" song and video download is a parody of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice that teachers and parents could use to help their kids learn the Alphabet and Letters.

This music video is an original recording by Have Fun Teaching. Special thanks to Vanilla Ice for creating the original Ice Ice Baby song and video.

Your students or children will use music to enhance their learning of the alphabet.  Use our I Know My ABCs song and video download with your youngsters this year.


Other resources to use with this I Know My ABCs (Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Parody) Song

If you are using this song, your students are probably learning about alphabet!

Use these Alphabet Activities as an additional resource for your students.

First, listen to the song. Then, practice putting alphabet tiles, magnets, or beads in order using the song.  You can use this song as part of your morning routine, calendar time, or introduction to your guided reading lesson. You could also play Freeze Dance with this song. Have students dance along to the song and then stop the video. Call on one student to share the letter name or sound on the board!

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  • jasmind

Another Awesome ABC song that the teachers know the music from the original and the kids love this version for singing the ABC's, its a great generational gap closer!! Funky beat and fun rhythm! Adding ASL to the song makes it that much more awesome!

  • gbaker306

My students love this song, although I have a hard time not singing the original lyrics - lol!